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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 

Fano, the Panoramica Adriatico & Rimini Airport


Piazza XX Septembre, Fano (deserted - where was everybody?)
(and the 16th century Fontana della Fortuna - The fountain of Good fortune)

Piazza XX Septembre, Fano

 Fontana della Fortuna, Fano


The Arco di Augusto (2 AD), Fano
The attic story of the arch was destroyed during a seige by Frederico de Montefeltro in 1463
(here endeth the history lesson ;-)
View from the Panoramica Adriatico
at Fiorenzuola di Focara
(north of Pesaro)

Arco di Augusto (2AD), Fano

View from the Panoramica Adriatico, north of Pesaro


Three happy EuroBikers on the Panoramica Adriatico
from left to right... Francesco, Konrad and Allan
(note Francesco's shaved legs!)

Three happy EuroBikers on the Panoramica Adriatico


Two EuroBikers, trying not to cry, at Rimini Airport on thir way home

Two unhappy EuroBikers at Rimini airport