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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 



The main piazza  - Castelluccio style ;-)

Couldn't resist putting this one in.  It sums up the rough and ready appearance of the town perfectly.  Note the 'graffiti' on the walls, a local tradition.  Everything from proposals of marriage, to denouncing politicians, displayed for all to see (if you can understand it).

The main piazza - Castelluccio style


Close up of the 'graffiti'

A close up of one of the walls

The words on the left hand wall translate as...

"The Very Important People ran away at their very first meeting; insisting on imparting orders, they had finally nothing better to do than shit out."

Thanks to Sergio Servadio and Francesco Bille for that.

Unfortunately, we've not been able to get anywhere with the other wall as the start of the words have been plastered over.


The Piano Grande at 6:30am
(taken from the bedroom window)

The Piano Grande after breakfast

The mist on the Piano Grande at 6:30am The Piano Grande after breakfast


View of Castelluccio from the Piano Grande

Castelluccio from down on the Piano Grande