from Cumbria
to Umbria by bike

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  by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 

The 'life-saving' fountain at Reggello. 
But that was only the start of it!

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I was quite pleased when we reached Vallombrosa ;-)

Note how my bike was now quite recovered and trying to climb the banking!

(and no, I didn't catch the helmet!)

Resting on the idyllic road between Vallembrosa and Consuma - through the Vallembrosa Nature Reserve.
Cool and shady (the road, not me).

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The summit - 'Passo della Consuma' - 1050m.  Worth every bead of sweat.

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(L) The Castello dei Conti Guidi

(R) outside our hotel - Albergo Casentino

Last minute adjustments...