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Da Treviso al Paradiso 

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by Allan, Konrad & Francesco 

Heiligenblut (1,300m) in the mist. 
The morning we tackled the Großglockner HochAlpenstrasse and won (just).

Kaiser Franz Josef's Höhe summit (2,369m)

Misty, murky, cold, wet, windy...
and the weather wasn't brilliant either!


No way were we missing getting a close up of this sign!

The Hochtor summit (2,504m)

This one took a lot of reaching I can tell you!  I'm finding it quite hard to stand here. The wind's trying to blow me onto my face, and I can't explain how cold it was!

As you can see, the view could have been better :-(

Plenty of snow up here at the Hochtor tunnel entrance.

The roads were superbly clear though.

The owner of the restaurant at the Fuscher Lake with his pet marmot.  (Note: not taken on this particular trip - the marmot was probably still hibernating!)

Francesco approaching the Fuscher Törl memorial.  Then it's all downhill!

Fuscher Törl on the skyline. A last photo, then we were off.

At least it was less misty on this side.



Finally - time to celebrate with the bottle of sparkling wine Sergio gave us back in Mel!
(well done to Francesco who carried it ;-)

We drank a toast to all our absent friends.