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I swore I'd never do a 'Links' page, but they can have their uses so here's a list of links I've found useful or interesting over the years.

If you find any of these links broken then please let me know.  You can use the feedback link at the top of the page.
Similarly, if you know of other useful ones I could add, then send 'em to me and I'll take a look.

Cycle Touring (for tour reports, info on touring etc)

If you need inspiration, you need look no further (you'll find it here - trust me)

An excellent 'searchable' site containing links to many cycle tour reports, by continent and country.

A searchable database of biking, kayaking, climbing and hiking travelogues from around the world.
Very nice site (not just 'cos they used one of my pictures once ;-)

A superb site with a very impressive list of passes around the world.  Information includes Pass name, start height, finish height, average gradient, difficulty.  Most also have a very useful climb profile - so you can see where it'll REALLY hurt.  A 'must visit' site when you're planning a tour, either to avoid them or include them ;-)

Eric Carlsson and Eric Salomonsson's well laid out site covering their 7 tours so far, ranging from Sweden (their home country) to an epic Barcelona to Venice.

This guy's cycle toured in 31 countries.  Among the reports available in English are Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea.  A very helpful and friendly bloke.

George Farnsworth's site has loads of information on packing for tours, taking bikes on planes, trains and just about anything else.

Tour reports, links to other touring sites, plus some very interesting and informed views on cycling advocacy. After Ken's untimely death in a cycling accident, this site is kept alive by some of his friends.

Follow Neil and Sharon on their humorous bicycle tours throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US, and many other countries. Wonderful photography and commentary online.  Some useful points in here.
Also - check out the books - 'The Lead Goat Veered Off' and 'Partners in Grime'.

Steve Morris's site on cheap cycling, for those who can only afford one brake and no gears ;-)
An excellent site on the merits of riding fixed.  Not only for the time triallist's -  Some great stories.

Cycle maintenance (broken something?)

Download PDF files to see how to take your ergo-levers apart.
Then take the bits around to your local bike shop in a bucket for them to re-assemble!

Something stuck? Take a look here.  This chap's been there before you.

Excellent site for finding that annoying squeak - and fixing it once and for all.

Cycling organisations


A cyclotouristic ride on predominantly gravel roads in Chianti country.  Cycling as it used to be, mud, dust, no service.  The older the bike / clothing / rider ;-) the better.  They even let vintage cars on the roads to add to the atmosphere. Take a look at the photo gallery and be inspired.  One day I hope to ride it.

All the usual stuff here you'd expect of a Tourism Web site (info / accommodation / more links)

Tourist information

All sorts here.  Explore different regions, read about Italian cycle manufacturers etc. Lots of good information.

Well not just cities.  Information on lots of places in Umbria, including how to get there, accommodation, folklore and events

Excellent site covering the Marche region (right of Umbria ;-).  They offer free maps, brochures etc. One of my favourites.

Another site covering the Marche region.  If you do nothing else, send for their free brochure.  It's a work of art, and worth it for the pictures alone.

Bill Thayer's site is packed with loads of interesting information on Umbria and Tuscany. Interesting diary entries on the earthquake which hit Assisi (Bill was living in Spello, just down the road!).  I can't do it justice in a sentence - take a look.