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Tuscany & Umbria 

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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski  

Santa Maria Maggiore 4f.jpg (Assisi - Santa Maria Maggiore)
Duomo from Piazza Santa Chiara

Back street leading on to Piazza del Commune

5f.jpg (Assisi - Duomo from Piazza Santa Chiara)2f.jpg (Assisi - back street to Piazza del Commune)
One of many wonderful back streets

One of the gates out of the old town

21f.jpg (Assisi - back street)20f.jpg (Assisi - gate out of old town)
Fountain in Piazza del Commune 22f.jpg (Fountain - Piazza del Commune)
View of the Rocca Maggiore 19f.jpg (Rocca Maggiore)
Buttressed buildings - after the earthquake

They'd even thought of thirsty cyclists in those days!

16f.jpg (Assisi earthquake damage)3.jpg (Konrad filling up in Assisi)
Roadside shrine just after we'd left Cannara

Looking down the steep main street of Montefalco, to the gatehouse.

7.jpg (Shrine at Cannara)

9.jpg (Montefalco)