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Tuscany & Umbria 

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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski  


  Route planning

  The bikes

  Packing bikes

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  To the Airport

  At Pisa Airport

No, this isn't about those blokes in oily overalls who crawl around under your car.

In here, there's information on how the trip was conceived, how we planned the route, packed the bikes, got to the airport, what we took with us (and what we left behind!) etc.

When you read this, please remember this was our first tour abroad.  So, some of it might seem very obvious (or very stupid ;-) but rather than update it in light of subsequent tours, I've left it exactly as we did it then.  If you want to see what changed in subsequent trips, then take a look at the other tour reports (accessible from the site home page), though actually, I'm pleased to say not much changed at all, and in a way, I'm glad it didn't 'cos we enjoyed this first tour so much that I really can't begin to do it justice.

If you're reading this, and maybe contemplating your first venture into the world of cycle touring, I hope that it'll calm some of your fears and who know's, maybe inspire you.  If the two of us can embark on something like this and come out of it not just unscathed but positively bouncing, then believe me, anyone can.