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Tuscany & Umbria 

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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski  

Cathedral and Leaning tower 22f.jpg (Pisa - Cathedral and Leaning Tower)
Front of cathedral showing the three huge bronze doors 23f.jpg (Pisa - Front of cathedral showing the 3 bronze doors)
A close up of one of the bronze panels on the doors of the cathedral

Cathedral and Leaning tower (with leaning Konrad)

24f.jpg (Pisa - close up of bronze door panel on cathedral)25f.jpg (Pisa - Cathedral and Leaning Tower)
The Leaning tower 21f.jpg (Pisa - The Leaning Tower)
View down the River Arno from the Ponte Solferino (Via Roma) towards the Monte Pisano hills 20f.jpg (Pisa - River Arno from Ponte Solferino towards Monte Pisano hills)