from Cumbria
to Umbria by bike

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  by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 


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  Allan's Konrad's
Frame Ribble 531C Ribble 531C
Groupset Campagnolo Veloce 9-speed

Gear ratios: 52/39/30


Gear ratios: 48/36/22

Saddle Rolls Rolls
Bars Cinelli Something he found in the garage
(the Graeme Obree of touring)
Pedals SPD SPD
Rims MA40 Mavic CPX11
Tyres Specialized Armadillo (700x23) Continental ??
Panniers etc. Karrimor Iberian
Trek bar bag
Karrimor something.
Trek bar bag

Note: Allan's bike is not the ideal touring machine, but, you use what you've got right? The bike was not fitted with braze-ons for a rack, so the rack was fixed using those plastic coated clip things - to the chain stay. These didn't work as well as last year for some reason.  I had to fiddle with and re-tighten them several times.
Again, the tyres (700x23 this time!) were fine.  No punctures again.

Ribble Cycles never contacted us about sponsorship after last year - maybe next year? ;-)