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Da Treviso al Paradiso 

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by Allan, Konrad & Francesco 

  Day 11 - Sunday 26th May

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Zell am See to Krimml (80 kms)

A nice easy flat day - off to visit the Krimml waterfalls.  Well, OK, a 'gradual' climb up to Krimml, but nothing like yesterday!

This was a 'different' day for us.  No hills for a start.  It certainly didn't lack anything because of that though. It was a ride on cycle paths (occasionally shared with light traffic) that wound its way along the valley floor through some delightful small towns on the way.  For long stretches it runs alongside the River Salzach, and in turn the narrow gauge railway runs alongside that - from Zell am See to Krimml.  Krimml marks the start of this cycle path which is something like 350kms long and goes all the way to Passau.

The sun did break through from time to time, but mostly it was cloudy - thankfully not wet.  There were lots of people out walking, cycling, rollerblading etc on the path, perhaps because it was Sunday.  Nice to see a facility like that being used.

Once we reached Krimml railway station, we followed the path through the forest to the falls.  This was easily rideable on a road bike, not too rough.  We hit one awkward bit right at the end where we came to a bridge with a gate that you couldn't fit bikes through, so we just lifted them over.

The falls were impressive (though we only stayed around the lower falls - we'd basically run out of time). I'd seen them before, and there was certainly more water coming down them at this time of year.  Not satisfied with the normal tourist photo in front of the falls, we ventured rather too close and got absolutely soaked with spray.  Good fun though.

The Gerlos Pass starts just outside the entrance to the falls, but that will have to wait until next time.  There was obviously some sort of car race on that day, as it looked as though the pass was closed to traffic, and there were lots of high performance cars lined up on the road.

We'd decided to get the last train back to Zell, the narrow gauge railway that runs 'slowly' between Zell and Krimml.  The cost for one person and a bike (they have no problems taking bikes) was €8.57, and the journey back took around 1hr 40mins.  It's a lovely journey taken at a speed that allows you to take in the fine countryside. It started raining as we neared Zell so we were glad to have taken  the train.  A short ride from the station to the hotel and we were soon back in the sauna, followed by another good meal.

This was without doubt one of the best hotels we stayed in for 'peace and quiet'.  Could be due to the fact that each room had 2 doors!  Very odd, you opened one, to be faced with another about 6" further in.


A nice relaxing day.
Great cycle path, and the narrow gauge railway came in handy!

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