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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 

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Below is our packing list for 2000's tour of the Marche region of Italy.
The items marked with a ‘*’ are items which we never used.

Obviously some things you have to take anyway, like spare tubes and the corkscrew, and some stuff we shared of course, like the bike tools.

Bike clothing Lycra, Goretex and ...!

Other clothing Sensible clothing

2 s/sleeve cycling tops 1 pair cycling gloves 3 T-shirts 1 pair shorts
Cycling shoes 2 pairs cycling shorts 1 pair long trousers 2 pairs underpants
Cycle helmet 4 pairs cycling socks 1 pair socks 1 pair sandals
1 Neckerchief 2 Thermal vests (l/sleeve) 1 fleece 1 jumper
Gore-Tex cycling jacket *Pair Ron Hill’s + braces    

Other stuff Kitchen sink

Bike tools/bitsBig hammer!

Sun Tan Lotion
(Factor 15)
*Pen knife *Flat Screwdriver Cool tool + Allen keys
Maxim drink powder + Energy bars
(see below)
Lip salve *Oil *Pliers
Toilet + Shaving kit *Corkscrew *Spokes *4 spare tubes
*First Aid kit + insect bite cream + Aspirin Camera + films *Cassette remover *1 Puncture repair kit
Notebook Touring Club of Italy 'Marche' guide book *Chain whip for block removing *1 folding tyre
Pen Italian Phrasebook *Spoke key Roll of electricians tape
Passport Rough Route list *Spare chain links Cleaning rag
Insurance TCI Map of  'Umbria e Marche' *Brake cables & Gear cable Old front hub (for front forks when flying)
*E111 Air Tickets 2 x 1 litre drinks bottles Bar bag
Travel   wash (for clothes) Cash Rear Panniers  
*Survival Bag & bivvy bag *Travellers Cheques    
Half a roll of Karrimat (just in case!) Bank Cards    

Last year I took a tub of Isostar energy drink with me, but it was quite bulky, taking a lot of room up in the panniers.  This year, the MAXIM tub was bigger, so, what I did was measure a bottles worth of powder into small plastic freezer bags, and tied them up.  It wasn't until I'd finished and had them all spread out on the kitchen table that my daughter pointed out these packages looked 'highly suspect', and that I could be spending a while in customs accused of drug smuggling!   Luckily, that didn't happen, it certainly saved on the bulk and was a nice handy way of preparing the bottles each morning.