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by Allan Nelson & Konrad Orlowski 

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>Arriving at Rimini

We landed in Rimini at about 9pm, picked up the panniers from the baggage carousel, and found the bikes propped up in a corner of the baggage hall.  Everything seemed undamaged so, we wheeled the bikes outside and watched everyone meeting their tour representatives and piling on to the coaches to take them to their resorts.  We then walked around looking for a taxi. 

Now there were two chaps sat in the airport lobby, and it's funny, but I just knew they were taxi drivers.  Indeed they were, and very flash taxis they were too - Mercedes and very spotless.  They seemed a little concerned that our bikes might scratch the paintwork of the boot of the car, but after some scrabbling around in a waste paper bin, found some cardboard to protect it with, and in no time we were on our way. Each taxi cost us L30,000 (under £10 at the time), but really we had no choice anyway.

We arrived at the Hotel Due Torri, and the hotel owner was waiting for us.  This was the hotel we'd booked via e-mail over the Internet.  It's nice when things like this work out don't you think?

The hotel itself was fine, nothing flash, but good value at L70,000 for the night for the two of us.  After checking in, we went to a restaurant just around the corner for a litre of red wine, some pasta and pizza, turning in at around midnight and looking forward to getting into 'cycling mode' again.