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Da Treviso al Paradiso 

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by Allan, Konrad & Francesco 


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TrevisoWe arrived at Treviso airport at around 10pm after an uneventful flight.

While waiting for the luggage to arrive I thought I'd try ringing Francesco to see if he'd made it OK and to tell him we'd arrived.  Hopefully he could phone a taxi for us to get to the hotel (we thought).  Notice that we were already chickening out on expanding our grasp of the Italian language! I could have saved some weight by leaving the phrase book at home.

Francesco answered the phone and pointed out that he could see us through the glass door at the airport (doh!).  He was outside with Miriam, a good friend of Sergio's who, unknown to us, had kindly offered to pick us up from the airport in her car.  How kind is that - two total strangers!  Henceforth she will be known as St Miriam - patron saint of cyclists stuck at airports in a strange town.

We collected the bikes and baggage and I must say it was great to see Francesco after all this time.  He was looking worryingly fit!  Miriam (who is always smiling, God bless her) didn't seem the least bit phased as we managed to squeeze both bikes into her car.  Konrad and I then got a taxi for the short distance to the hotel where we checked in and then we all went out for a late meal in the town.  Pictures below courtesy of Miriam (we forgot our cameras!).

Francesco, Allan, St Miriam of Treviso,  Konrad and two delicious pizzas.  Francesco  has obviously been brought up well and doesn't put his elbows on the table!
Konrad demonstrating how gaudily patterned trousers hide pizza stains.