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>the tandem

The Tandem (Bertie)Les and Joan with the tandem at Levens Bridge, Nr Kendal

This was a "Bertrand" (hence the name), with cantilever brakes, 3-speed Trivelox gears and splined hub (which meant the sprockets moved, not the rear derailleur).  This meant the chain stayed in line regardless of the gear.  Here's a picture of the Trivelox gear.Trivelox gear

In these pictures, taken at Levens Bridge near Kendal, Les had just finished repairing another couples tandem.  It was this couple (who were on holiday in the Lakes at the time) who took the pictures and sent them to him.

Les and Joan with the tandem at Levens Bridge

One historic ride they undertook on the tandem was the morning they set off from Ulverston headed for Ullswater.

After going over Kirkstone Pass, they stopped for a brew at Brothers Water, and then decided on a change of plan and headed for Gretna Green.  They went along Ullswater, through Penrith, to Carlisle and arrived at Gretna Green at around 4pm.

On the return they had 'high tea' at Penrith at around 9pm, back over Kirkstone Pass, and down through Bowness onto the East side of Windermere where they brewed up on the roadside at the "Hill of Oaks" from where they could hear the clock in Bowness striking midnight!

They always carried their primus stove with them and usually had bacon and eggs in the saddlebag.