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Abruzzo & Puglia 

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by Allan & Konrad 


packing list

the tandem

tandem packing


Below is our packing list for 2005's tour of Abruzzo & Puglia.

The items marked with a ‘*’ are items which we never used.

Obviously some you have to take anyway, like spare tubes, and some stuff we shared of course, like the bike tools, but we each took our own underpants.

  Bike clothing 

Other clothing

1 s/sleeve cycling top 1 l/sleeve cycling top 1 pair cycling shorts 3 Polo-shirts
Cycling shoes 4 pairs cycling socks 1 pair cycling gloves 1 pair long trousers
Cycle helmet 1 Neckerchief Overshoes 1 pair socks
Waterproof cycling jacket Waterproof overtrousers Waterproof gloves 1 waterproof jacket
 2 Thermal vests
(1 l/sleeve, 1 s/sleeve)
1 pair 'Calange' fleece lined longs + braces   1 pair shorts
    2 pairs underpants
1 pair sandals

Other stuff 

Bike tools/bits 

Sun Tan Lotion Lip salve *Flat Screwdriver Cool tool + Allen keys
Isostar + Energy bars Camera *Oil *Pliers
Toiletry kit Pen knife *Spokes *3 spare tubes
*First Aid kit TCI map of Abruzzo e Molise *Cassette remover *1 Puncture repair kit
Notebook TCI map of Puglia *Chain whip for block removal *1 folding tyre (700x28)
Pen Rough Route list *Spoke key Pump
Passport Cash *Spare chain links Cleaning rag
Bank Cards *E111 *Brake & gear cables  Cable ties
Insurance *Phrasebook 2 Drinks bottles each Roll of electricians tape
*Survival Bag   Rear & front panniers *Roll of Duc-Tape
 Mobile phone Saddle bag 4 quick release straps