Cycling before Lycra  

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Some of Les and Joan's keepsakes from days gone by...
Medallion received for winning the Walney Wheelers 'Inter-Club' 25 in July 1939 with a time of 1:8:32 (and he still wears this around his neck).  Walney Wheelers was Les's first club (Walney Island - Barrow-in-Furness).

Dalton-in-Furness Cycling Club badge

A 'Cycling' badge from the weekly magazine of the same name.  The inscription reads "Fellowship of the Wheel"

  A National Cyclists Union badge. According to Les, the 'working-class mans' CTC (Cyclists Touring Club - which is still going strong today, and was regarded as a bit 'upmarket' in those days).  Unfortunately the National Cyclists Union is no more - is it?

  Three of Les's trophies - lovingly polished ;-)
  From left to right they are...
1946 Barrow Central Wheelers Club Champion
(Average Speed 21.438 mph)
1946 Barrow Central Wheelers 25 - Presidents Cup (1:8:10)
1946 Barrow Central Wheelers Norton Trophy
(Barrow-Newby Bridge-Barrow  1:38:02)

Joan's cyclist brooch
(and the wheels go round!)


Les's cycling tie-pin
(not that I've ever seen him in a tie ;-)