Cycling before Lycra  

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   why cycle at all?

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   weather signs


More gems from a booklet published in 1906 by "Barrett's Ironmongery Stores - Cycle department" of Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness. 

Here, they're expounding on everything from Bovril to ammonia in your bath to tomatoes.

Cyclists should know... that one of the finest remedies in the world for cyclists, and one that is little known, is the sustaining power of the tomato. No matter how tired and exhausted the rider may feel, if only a small piece of tomato is eaten, it acts like magic, taking all the depressed feeling away and making one feel quite fresh. Cyclists who are travelling long distances should try this.
Cyclists should know... after a long ride, a warm bath with a little ammonia in the water is very refreshing, and will take away all effects of stiffness.
Cyclists should know... that one of the finest things to keep in your pocket is a piece of orange (or lemon) peel. It does not matter how hard and dry it may get; when you feel thirsty, bite a piece and let it lie on your tongue for a few moments, and it will bring moisture to your mouth.
Cyclists should know... never take a cold bath when tired.
Cyclists should know... that Bovril is the finest beverage a cyclist can take. In drinking a cup of Bovril, you have nourishment as well as stimulant. Another great point to the touring cyclist - if you see that you are supplied with Bovril, you can always count on it being a perfectly pure preparation. Some cyclists may say Bovril is too hot a drink after riding; this is a great mistake; it is much better for you than a cold beverage.  Bovril is better than tea, as it has a lasting effect, and is infinitely better than cold beverages, which frequently lead to internal troubles if taken when the system is hot.

Cyclists should know...

to avoid colds, ride with the same quantity of clothes as usually worn.  After riding in bad weather take a bath, using a couple of handsfull of salt in the water.

Cyclists should know...

that the powers of Sultana raisins for cyclists should be tried to be appreciated.