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>weather signs

And finally, that subject near to an Englishman's heart - the weather.

More gems from a booklet published in 1906 by "Barrett's Ironmongery Stores - Cycle department" of Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness. 

Obviously they didn't just sell bikes, they were meteorologists too!

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In fixing a cycle tour, consult the calendar and observe the weather on the fourth and fifth days of the new moon. If it continues the same on the sixth day, the weather will probably be the same during the whole moon.
bullet.gif (440 bytes) A bright yellow sky at sunset presages wind; a pale yellow, wet.
bullet.gif (440 bytes) A dark, gloomy, blue sky indicates wind; a light blue sky, fine weather.
bullet.gif (440 bytes) A rosy sky at sunset portends fine weather, while a red sky in the morning, bad weather or much wind, perhaps rain.

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A grey sky in the morning, fine weather.
bullet.gif (440 bytes) A low dawn, fair weather, while a high dawn, wind.

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Soft-looking delicate clouds foretell fine weather, with moderate light breezes

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Small inky-looking clouds, rain.

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Hard-edged, oily looking clouds, wind.